The global Euro Facade Tech Team is a diverse group of dedicated specialists with an emphasis and focus in exterior architectural facades and unique building envelopes; the team also focuses on interior design and providing turn-key projects from concept all the way to project completion. The Group specializes in all facets of curtain wall and interior project construction, from engineering to project management, manufacturing and installation. The fundamental concept and vision behind the Euro Facade Tech Group revolves around our people, dedicated to better understanding and serving our broad and varied group of clients. The Group believes in investing and expanding our team of specialists and key leading individuals in the industry to form extremely dynamic and competent teams. We also strongly believe in the efficient and effective use of our numerous suppliers to add value across the value chain in finding the best solution to meet any client's requirements.

Today, our team boasts a cumulative experience within the construction industry of well over a century complemented with a truly global perspective, having been involved in and managing projects in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, the UK, South Africa, The Middle East including Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and throughout Europe.

As such, the Group offers global perspective, complemented with it's technical expertise and experience, to all projects beginning with the design development phase all the way to successful completion to exceed the client's expectations. Euro Façade Tech has since been establishing strong ties with the local clients, and have been actively tendering for various large projects with overseas and local architects in many parts of the world including Africa and South East Asia.

Global Reach, Local Focus

Our headquarters are strategically based in Peninsula Malaysia, given it's proximity to a plethora of internationally renowned suppliers, ports and infrastructure. This coupled with the recent exponential growth and development in South East Asia's construction industry, making it a logical and strategic location. We have strategically also established partnerships, offices and manufacturing plants through-out the world making the most of the best available and most efficient resources.

Design & Engineering

Euro Facade Tech prides ourselves with our design solution services. Our designers and engineers utilize the industry's most cutting edge 2D and 3D modeling and mapping softwares. This enables us to meticulously plan for our projects, and eliminating any margins for errors.

We actively explore R&D innovations with our 3rd party global partners in various locations including, Malaysia, Germany, Australia and The UAE. Our global partners provide us access to research laboratories and product test centres with "State of the Art" facilities.

These R&D facilities allow verification of the structural adequacy of our products through the use of sophisticated electronics and softwares. This gives us an edge over the competition as we uniquely blend the various tools in the market to efficiently satisfy our esteemed clients and their various requests.

Research & Development

We utilize 3rd party testing facilities alongside various government and private testing institutions.

Our test partners, such as CSIRO in Australia and Asia, and EXOVA in the Middle East, are capable of testing three dimensional facades up to a maximum of 10kPa pressure and stimulate testing to international standards including ASTM, AAMA, BS, EN, etc.

Testing Procedures:

  • ImpactResistance Test
  • ImpactResistance Test
  • Watertightness
  • Wind Resistance/Displacement measurement with a transducer
  • Thermal Cycling Test

Manufacturing & Production Process

We take pride in our cutting edge facilities within our production plants in Malaysia and Ethiopia, with additional facilities being planned for the imminent future in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Our advanced manufacturing and management systems enable us to completely streamline the process of panellized curtain wall units irrespective of dimensions. Our current factories cover an area of 30,000m² and have an annual production capacity in excess of 200,000m² of curtain wall. With our undergoing rapid expansion plans into various areas of Eastern Europe, North Africa, Asia and Middle East, we expect our production facilities will boast an annual production forecast of 1,000,000m².

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Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Euro Facade Tech regulates the highest quality in our production through a rigorous QA/QC programme based on a two-pronged approach. The first; testing every product before leaving the factory with our sophisticated quality control equipment, Secondly, this is complemented by our in house specialists and qualified technicians. Our QA/QC programme is conducted with the strictest standards to ensure delivering a quality product.

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Logistic Packing & Delivery

All Euro Facade Tech products are meticulously packed into pellets, ensuring protection during loading, unloading, and external environmental conditions. The pellets are designed to allow a highly efficient method of stocking in the storage areas.We utilize both trucks and shipping containers to deliver facade units and installation equipment based on the site construction schedule.

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World Trade Centre

Abuja, Nigeria

Project Name Project Team Project Type Area Duration
World Trade Centre
Abuja, Nigeria
: Churchgate Group
: Edefice Consultant
: Woods & Bagot
Curtainwall & Residential Mixed Used 2 Towers 55,000m2 2012-2013
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