Our Technology.


We have the ability to design complex façades using the latest 3D Software.

Complex shapes in buildings, requiring the expertise of wire framed 3D modelling, Euro Façade Tech has the capabilities in design through to production to efficiently address such complexities. This includes experience in “cold warp façades”.

We encourage the idea to produce Visual Mock-ups and small samples to ensure the best possible produced details are achieved without compromising detail.

“ Our point of difference is that with our experienced technical expertise, we are able to engage with clients, architects and consultants during the early design process such that the project ultimately benefits. ”

EFT Double Skin Façade

The Development of the “Double Skin” (EFTDS) Façade System is an example of Euro Façade Tech’s commitment to Innovate to suit the changing market.

EFT Double Skin façade (EFTDS) R&D:

Highly Transparent Glass for natural light

Shading Device tracks the Sun and comes into effect only when needed

High Performance DGU Internally

Desiccant Cassette to reduce humidity levels within cavity

Compact System

Advantages of Double Skin façade (EFTDS):

Superior Thermal Performance:
U-Value W/m2k: 1.4   vs   2.8 C/Wall

Results in reduction in energy use:
SHGC: 0.10 vs  0.32 C/Wall

Acoustic Performance:
Sound reduction index (dB)  Rw 46 vs 32 C/Wall

Visual Transparency:
Light Transmittance: 0.60 vs 0.53 C/Wall